These days travelers demand convenience and service that makes Hotel/Motel check-in quick, convenient and effortless. Rather than switching on the “No Vacancy” sign and going to bed or hiring a night clerk, Motel and RV Park owners/managers can now, thanks to the Auto Check-In System, retire to bed peacefully, leave the “Vacancy” sign on and sleep well knowing that their guests will be checked in quickly and efficiently, regardless of what time they arrive.

The AUTO CHECK-IN SYSTEM (ACS) is a sophisticated yet easy to use self check-in solution for today’s Hotels, Motels & RV Parks. The ACS frees up the Motel Owner’s/Manager’s time, by allowing them to offer their guests 24-hour self check-in service, without the additional costs of evening staff or the discomfort of waking up at night to check-in guests.

For motel owners who are tired of waking up at night to check-in their guests, losing customers because they close down at night, bearing inflated night staff costs, or not have enough time for themselves to do other tasks during the day, the AUTO CHECK-IN SYSTEM is a step in
the right direction.

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Learn more about how the Auto Check-In System can help you save time and money. Diya Enterprises Ltd. is a Canadian company that focuses on developing concepts which simplify everyday applications, in return saving costs for entrepreneurs Check for the latest downloads and new software updates. Please contact us at 1-877-507-3492 if you do not have your login or password.
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More Freedom

As a motel owner/manager, its not easy to get a great night’s sleep, unless you close down your office, but since service and convenience are the some of the most important aspects of running a hospitality business today, closing down your front office at night can result in lost sales that cannot be recovered.

Focusing on improving your quality of life is now much easier; the ACS provides a 24Hr check-in facility for guests, giving motel owners the freedom to walk away from the front desk at any time of day and not having to worry about losing clients.

This cost effective solution helps owners and operators realize savings and the comfort of not having to wake up at night to check-in guests.

Easy to Use

We realize that there are many people who are not comfortable with computers and keeping this in mind, we designed user friendly software that provides easy to follow step by step instructions in four different languages.

By providing the option to connect with the internal (reception) computer via Local Area Network (LAN), the ACS provides the owner/manager the option to easily view guest check-in status and update information on the ACS remotely.
Safe and Secure

Our durable vandal resistant metal cabinet keeps internal components secure from vandals and the elements.

The ACS payment processing engine works with your merchant services provider and authenticates credit cards in real time, before the transaction is completed, thereby ensuring that payment is secure.

Data from transactions is secured by dual level password protection.

The ACS stand provides additional cabinet security and deters vandals.
Fast and Efficient

With the Auto Check-In System, a guest can select their room, make payment, collect their key and be on their way in under 2 minutes.

When a guest checks in, their information (name, room number, payment method etc.) is stored in the ACS program, which the Motel manager can easily access remotely and even get a print out of.

We at Diya Enterprises Ltd. have worked diligently to ensure the cost of the ACS is kept to a minimum, allowing for most establishments to enjoy the benefits of our system, without having to make a significant capital investment.

With our leasing option, owners can enjoy the benefits of the Auto Check-In System for as little as $ 7.50 CAD a day.
Less Manpwer

Demands for wage increases and the availability of labour are some of the serious challenges faced by motel owners today. As it gets more difficult to find employees willing to work night shifts, the ACS comes as a cost saving solution for motels owners wanting to provide 24hr check-in service for their guests.