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Our range of Intelligent & Secure Door Locking Systems such as the RF (Radio Frequency) Card Door Lock, IC (Integrated Circuit) Card Door Lock, Fingerprint and Keypad Locks, are available as ANSI Mortise with Deadbolt and or Single Latch Cylinder Locks.

Single latch locks are designed especially for old lock projects and allow Hotels to replace their old mechanical lock, without making changes to or replacing the existing doors!

The IC (Integrated Circuit) Card Lock contains a tamper-resistant
security system and provides security services which protect inmemory

The guest cards of the Integrated Circuit locks have a metal
conductor or chip outside the card which contains the data. The
card encoder which is purchased with the systems allows the front
desk operators to easily & conveniently manage the system and
securely interchange information and configuration settings with the

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The RF (Radio Frequency) Card Locks work with contactless smart
cards and can help increase the speed and efficiency of your staff
by allowing them to quickly and easily program Guest Key Cards
using the card encoding device. Your guests simply have to wave
or touch their card key on top of the lock in order to unlock the
door, no swiping is required.

The RF Card Locks can also be used for Hotel Conference rooms
and the Key Cards can be used for identification, authentication,
and data storage.

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Wireless stand-alone door locks:

Our intelligent locks require no wiring and are completely independent and stand-alone. This makes installation and maintenance simple and convenient.

High quality lock hardware:

The outer casings of our locks are made of strong steel, which help resist vandalism.

Mechanical keys provided:

Most locks come with a separate emergency mechanical key, which can be used in case of emergency or vandalism and alleviate the need to break the door or the lock in those situations.

Superb reliability and Low operating cost:

  • Before shipment to client’s location, all our locks must pass a 16 step test to ensure quality and reliability.
  • Stand-alone locks are powered by four AA (or AAA for certain models) alkaline batteries and have very low power consumption, which in turn can help lower operating costs over time.

Greater operating flexibility:

  • Our Electronic Lock Systems allow grouping of Employee Keycards into several different permission levels, which help restrict building, floor and room access to authorized personnel only and only during the hours of their shift.
  • Authority levels can easily be modified by Management at any time.

Easy Access to Entry Logs:

Our locks can store over 200 access records, which can be easily accessed for security management purposes.

User-friendly and compatible software:

  • The easy to use WINDOWS® based software has been designed so that is can be installed on different Windows platforms.
  • The client server mode, allows the system to be accessed by several different computers at the same time. (some project specific development work is required to activate this feature).

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