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ACS is a compact wall or floor-mounted self check-in kiosk specifically designed for the Hospitality Industry. It allows for your guests to check-in quickly and conveniently anytime of day or night.

The ACS accepts payment in the form of most major credit cards, providing security for both guests and property owners. The system integrates with your Windows based front desk program to ensure full accounting of all transactions. After a transaction, the ACS prints out a full receipt, dispenses the room key, and informs guests of appropriate check-out time.

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  • Can help save thousands of dollars every year, by offering 24 hrs Self Check in service without the additional expense towards evening staff.
  • Helps to ease the lifestyles of motel owners who otherwise have to wake up at night for customers.
  • Investment can pay for itself within one year of installation.
  • Provides fast and efficient Check-in service to all customers.
  • Accommodates customers speaking different languages.
  • Offers motel owners a competitive edge by allowing them to stay open 24hrs.
  • Increases revenue opportunity and reduces costs.
  • Provides total customer service and convenience as it accepts all major credit cards.
  • Comes with a full one year, limited parts and labour warranty.
  • Advertising menu can help generate additional income from local establishments.
  • Fully tested, easy to use software.
  • The self service function, gives owner the opportunity to use their time more efficiently, realize potential savings and increases that all important part of business, PROFIT
  • Creates a safer work environment


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